What is NIRAM Expo

The annual meeting place for Nigerian manufacturers
3,000 manufacturers from West Africa are set to attend the exhibition to source raw materials and ingredients for their production including: Dangote Group, Procter & Gamble, Guinness, Nestle Nigeria and Unilever.

The Expo has the support and participation of key industry associations and ministries such as: RMRDC as Event Patron, FMST as Host Ministry, LCCI as Host Chamber as well as many others including the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN), SMEDAN and BOI.  

The Expo is designed to focus attention on and find solutions to the critical challenges faced by raw materials producers and manufacturers based in Nigeria. As well as offering exhibiting raw materials producers an opportunity to showcase their products to leading Nigerian manufacturers, the expo works to resolve the pertinent issues the industry is facing by connecting all key stakeholders at the roundtable discussions and sharing knowledge and experience in the free-to-attend conference.

Exhibitors benefit from Nigeria’s industrialisation & agricultural policies which are increasing investments from manufacturers & SME’s into raw agricultural and mineral materials & ingredients.

Product & Sectors:

Agricultural Based Primary Raw Material
Cassava | Sorghum | Cashew Nuts | Shea Nuts | Maize | Oil Palm | Rubber | Groundnuts | Cocoa | Soya Beans | Cotton | Coconut

Agricultural Based Secondary Raw Materials
Syrup | PVA | Glucose | Glycerine | Ketones | Sugar | Monomers/Acrylates | Hydrated Lime | Binders| Ethanol | Polyester | PPC | Petroleum Jelly | Vegetable Fats | Caus | Talc | Corn Starch

Mineral Based Primary Raw Material
Limestone | Silica | Gypsum | Tin | Kaolin | Dolomite | Ceramics | Titanium Dioxide | Coal | Soda | Ash | Laterite

Flavouring | Colorants | Seasoning

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Why Visit NIRAM Expo?